Arlette Jassel

Dance was my first love and discipline which I had to abandon when a hip joint disease stopped me dancing. I transferred my passion for movement and expression to painting. Color and music energize my work. I create the human figure that weaves in and out of abstracted shapes to show energy in a two dimensional way.

I studied art at Hunter College in NYC earning a BFA in painting. At the University of Chicago I received an MAT in art teaching. Many more courses and schools have added to my artistic vocabulary.

Political art in particular and narrative art generally have been my focus. Flowers always pop up within my narrative window. Those essential issues of our time that include feminism in the 1970’s and 80’s,  homelessness in the 1990’s, wars and blithe disregard for human life in 2000’s, the demeaning of people with disabilities, the marginalization of bodies not like our own, and the horrors of our democracy under savage attack through the willingness of the social media platforms, all surfaced in my work. Climate change is chronicled as well.

I have a positive spirit, so recently, even after exposing the inequities of the pandemic sufferers, I have painted a series of Dances Through the Flowers. I celebrate a new spring of the human spirit.

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