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Best and Next Manager



The Enoch Pratt Free Library is searching for a dynamic individual to manage the Best and Next department of the Central Library and State Library Resource Center. The Best & Next Department houses a unique collection which includes vinyl records, 16mm film reels and VHS tapes. The department also provides the AV support for the library system and manages a statewide lending Library of Things. The ideal candidate will be excited to provide excellent customer service when assisting customers and staff with basic and advanced technology skills, and has an appreciation for analog and digital media including film, music and video games.

In coordination with the Chief of the State Library Resource Center, SLRC Deputy Chief, and SLRC Department Managers, the Best and Next Manager is responsible for all aspects of the planning, management, and coordination of city and statewide services related to the Best and Next Department. They will also work in close collaboration with our Systems Division.

If you feel that you would be a great fit for this position, we would love to hear from you!

Salary: $74,943.00 Annually

Summary of Duties

  • Curates a unique and impactful circulating collection of audio and visual materials by working with department staff and the Collection Development team, becoming familiar with popular and academic trends in department subject matter, looking at data and gathering community input, working with partners to preserve historical materials, discarding materials outside of the scope of the collection, and taking appropriate risks when suggesting investment in new formats or subject areas.
  • Works with appropriate divisions and departments in ensuring the department’s web presence is up-to-date, examines ways to provide a high level of electronic access to the department’s resources to the library’s customers.
  • Is responsible for meeting relevant objectives in the Enoch Pratt Free Library Strategic Plan and the State Library Resource Center Strategic and Annual Plans.
  • Uses transparent and effective communication strategies, and maintains confidentiality when appropriate.
  • Follows the appropriate communication channels in a large and complex organization. Communication will periodically involve assisting Maryland public library administrators and their staffs as well as state and local government offices.
  • Models an example of excellent customer service by responding to customer inquiries whether at the reference desk, via telephone reference or through virtual reference service points. Embraces the philosophy that all customer needs and inquiries are important.
  • Creates a positive atmosphere conducive to staff development. Collaborative staff development plans are an integral part of the Library’s staff development process. Monitors and evaluates staff performance as scheduled.
  • Leads the AV staff, helps them provide the services the library’s customers and staff need.
    Has an experimental and flexible mindset. This leader will try and recommend new processes, materials, and technology for use within the department, system, and statewide object lending library.
  • Demonstrates systems thinking by collaborating effectively with library leadership, other departments, statewide stakeholders, customer groups, etc. Is an effective team leader who helps their department thrive while also helping the system to meet its goals.\
  • Collaborates with administration and all necessary divisions and departments while using foresight to design and develop new services to effectively reach and meet the needs of local and statewide customers.
  • Works closely with Systems and other divisions and departments to manage and staff new flexible and creative arts and tech spaces in the Central Library
  • Demonstrates patience and empathy for employees and customers
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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Job Category: Administrative
Position Type: Full Time
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Education Level: Bachelor's Degree