Community Programs & Communications Coordinator

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Community Programs & Communications Coordinator


Sandy Spring Museum is a private, independently-operated museum located between Washington, DC and Baltimore. The museum serves as a catalyst for community building by facilitating opportunities for creative engagement. Originally established as a history museum, we now focus on providing a sense of place by supporting community-generated cultural arts programming. The museum is also the statedesignated Regional Folklife Center. Our goal is to become a key place for the community to gather and build social cohesion. During the past 9 years, the museum’s budget and staff have tripled in size. We seek to continue this trajectory by hiring a Community Programs & Communications Coordinator with a passion for a grassroots, community-focused organizing, who brings energy, enthusiasm, and a creative, entrepreneurial approach to their work.

Community-generated activities are those that are created in partnership with community members. Partners can be individuals or groups, professionals or laypeople. We offer partners professional support and collaboratively help them bring their creative vision to life, to benefit the entire community.

Job Description:
The successful Community Programs and Communications Coordinator will lead the administration of all public programs at museum while maintaining a commitment to our community-generated mission

  1. working with community partners to bring their ideas to fruition,
  2. building awareness of the museum’s services,
  3. driving attendance to the museum, building the number of visitors, members, collaborative partners and supporters.

Primary responsibilities:


  • Help execute Sandy Spring Museum’s vision of being a community-generated museum so that
    anyone in the community feels comfortable submitting an idea for a program, exhibit, event,
  • Execute marketing and outreach efforts that communicate the character, ideals, and mission of
    the museum to wide-ranging audiences from members, businesses, community stakeholders
    and the general public.


  • Oversee the creation of community-driven exhibits, programs, events and workshops in tandem
    with partners, staff and interns.
  • Work directly with community partners in order to assess program ideas and create a plan for
    successful execution using the Museum’s resources to their fullest extent.
  • Working collaboratively with community partners, execute ideas from start to finish,
    documenting in writing the arrangement with each community partner.
  • Coordinate internal museum programs (those not co-created with the community), such as the
    monthly speaker series, and virtual transcribe-a-thons.
  • Serve as the program and marketing team member for large special events like the annual
    Strawberry Festival.


  • Manage website content, digital media including campaigns
  • Implement multi-faceted communications plans by defining target audiences, determining
    strategy on cultural arts/non-profit trends using focus groups, surveys and industry data.
  • Maintain collaborative relationships with media, key business partners, promotional partners,
    organizations and other key community players

Ongoing Activities

  • Track and report data such as website traffic, interactions on social media, and program
    attendance on a monthly basis, using tools such as Google Analytics, etc.

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Job Details (for job postings)

Job Category: Administrative
Position Type: Full Time
Salary Range (annual): -
Experience: 2-5 Years
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree