Contracts for Independent Performing Artists

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Contracts for Independent Performing Artists


MSAC Welcomes Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, focused on independent performing artist contract preparation considerations.

About this event

MSAC welcomes Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (MdVLA) focused on what independent performing artists need to consider when preparing or entering into contracts.

Are you a performing artist interested in applying for MSAC’s Touring Roster? While it is tough enough to get your ensemble together, rehearsed, and ready for a gig, there are a suite of contracts that you will need to ensure that your business is as tight as your group. During this workshop, MdVLA will go over aspects of different agreements pertinent to successfully running the business of a performing arts practice, including a Performance Venue Agreement that is required as part of your MSAC Touring Roster application.

If you’re not interested in joining the Touring Roster, that’s OK! You are welcome to join this session to better understand the components that make up an independent artist contract.

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