Director of Marketing & Communications

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Director of Marketing & Communications


The Director of Marketing & Communications’ primary responsibility is the strategic development, execution, and deployment of communications, consistent with the growth and impact goals of the ASO’s 5-Year Strategic Initiatives.

This key senior management position is responsible for meeting revenue goals, and it is instrumental in achieving the success of a new 5-Year Plan to transition the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra into a 21st Century American Orchestra.

The position reports to the Executive Director & Chief Development Officer.

This position works closely with the Director of Business Operations, Director of Artistic Operations, Director of Community Outreach, Director of Annapolis Symphony Academy, Development Manager and Friends of the Annapolis Symphony.

Compensation: $55,000 to $65,000 annual salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. The Annapolis Symphony offers a competitive benefits package to its employees, including health, dental and vision insurance; sick days and paid annual vacation.

Location: Annapolis, Maryland.

Main Responsibilities

Marketing & Communications:

  • Work closely with the Executive Director to develop and execute strategies to achieve goals, including timely and frequent revenue analysis and tracking.
  • Responsible for keeping the branding, positioning, and messaging of the ASO on target.
  • Develop and monitor expense and revenue budgets.
  • Increase awareness of the ASO’s various programs.
  • Negotiate trade agreements and media sponsorships.
  • Work closely with the Development Director to maximize sponsorship opportunities and to ensure a coordinated approach to patron development.
  • Set and implement all marketing data practices and policies.
  • Responsible for the planning, production and execution of campaigns, including subscription and special campaigns, using a combination of traditional and digital channels.
  • Work closely with the Board Committees to develop and manage market research, including audience surveys and new markets initiatives.
  • Work closely with the Artistic and Academy leadership on development of programming language, production of media content, and communications.
  • Manage, promote and increase the number of email addresses in the ASO database.
  • Work with the Public Relations team to develop and manage communications strategies as needed.
  • Set priorities for the Marketing Department and implement adjustments and improvements, as necessary.
  • Responsible for developing relationships with media outlets.
  • Develop press releases and secure press coverage for ASO programs.
  • Responsible for developing a digital strategy and innovation programs, setting up the ASO for a digital transformation, identifying priorities, phases, and the right pace of implementation.
  • Responsible for creating stunning digital experiences for ASO’s audiences.
  • In charge of digital marketing operations, including digital sales and pinpointing emerging opportunities to find new sources of income.
  • In charge of the “digital office”, providing and capturing value from digital actions in social media and digital channels; including audience experience, audience research, branding, user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, analytics, inclusiveness, and education.
  • Responsible for the operation and promotion of Symphony+, including compliance with the Integrated Media Agreement (IMA) as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the union, and licensing requirements from publishers.
  • Work closely with the Executive and Music Director to secure digital global distribution that meets ASO’s strategic goals.

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Job Details (for job postings)

Job Category: Executive (CEO, Director, President)
Position Type: Full Time
Salary Range (annual): $50,000-$75,000
Experience: -
Education Level: -