Marketing and Distributing Your Documentary Film

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Marketing and Distributing Your Documentary Film


Tuesday, August 10, 2021 7:00 – 8:30 pm | $75

With the digitalization of the film and video industry and the rise of social media, marketing and distribution strategies for documentaries have changed. Traditionally, marketing & distribution efforts involved film festivals that served as a launching pad for possible distribution through a distributor. Today, in addition to film festivals, there are many other options of how to market and distribute a film. Projects can exist on more than one platform and you want to consider all ways your project can evolve. In this workshop we will look into new trends in the film marketing and distribution landscape, and we’ll find out the best marketing and distribution options for your film.

Workshop topics include: Digital distribution platforms, cross platform thinking and marketing, the benefits of first and second tier festivals, the educational market, PBS, social media and how best to make use of it, alternative sources of monetization, how data analytics can help you reach your target audience.

About the instructor: Adele Schmidt

Adele Schmidt is a film & video producer, director and editor who has won numerous awards in both documentary and fiction films, including TIVA-DC’s Peer Award, the U.S. International Film and Video Festival Award, the Telly Awards and the Gabriel Award. She is co-founder of Zeitgeist Media LLC, an independent production company that has been releasing the music documentary series on progressive Rock, “Romantic Warriors – A Progressive Music Saga,” which includes the Krautrock Trilogy. She is also an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University and a co-founder of Docs In Progress. Originally from Germany, Adele taught film and video production at the National Center for Cinematographic Studies, Mexico City.

Workshop Note: Because of social distancing needs, this workshop will be held online via Zoom, but building community is one of Docs In Progress’s guiding principles. So in order to allow time to meet fellow students, the Zoom room will open 15 minutes early and remain open after the class ends each night. It’s the best we can do for now until we can all come together in person.

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