Membership & Fiscal Operations Manager, Programs

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Membership & Fiscal Operations Manager, Programs


Fractured Atlas is seeking a full-time Membership & Fiscal Operations Manager for our Programs team to manage the financial activities of the Fractured Atlas’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program. Fractured Atlas is a national nonprofit art service organization with a membership of over 75,000. Our mission is to make the journey from inspiration to living practice more accessible and equitable for artists and creatives. We are dedicated to helping individual artists and arts organizations at every level of the cultural ecosystem, in every creative medium by providing fundraising tools, educational resources, and personalized support.

This position will manage the organization’s fiscal sponsorship financial operations to ensure compliance and alignment with Fractured Atlas’s mission, and collaborate with the Programs team to facilitate financial transactions and tracking. The primary function of this role is to facilitate daily Programs Team financial tasks.

The successful candidate will be a creative problem solver and quick learner who has an enthusiasm for the arts, a great attention to detail, a sense of humor, a high level of patience and understanding (particularly as it relates to explaining the same information multiple times), and is able to operate and respond in a fast-paced environment while remaining calm and collected. Candidates with a work history that includes bookkeeping, fundraising, and/or development will likely excel. Since Fractured Atlas works virtually, this position will require self-motivation and will operate under remote supervision by a Director of Programs.

At Fractured Atlas, we work hard towards supporting our mission but we also understand that work is just one part of life and support team members having full and robust lives outside of work. Our organizational culture embraces people who:

  • Are curious and excited by opportunities to better our services, our systems, and ourselves.
  • Seek out challenging problems and are comfortable with high-risk, high-impact efforts.
  • Are agile, creative problem solvers with a focus on concrete results.
  • Invest their time in quality work and giving others their respect and support.

Additionally, at Fractured Atlas we work to adhere to anti-oppression and anti-racism principles in all areas of our internal and external work. This commitment is grounded in our belief that change is possible, and that our work and that of the artistic community as a whole will grow stronger as oppression is eliminated.

In our current phase of this journey towards being an Anti-Racist Anti-Oppressive organization, the whole staff is engaged in all staff ARAO Committee meetings and undergo training as part of their onboarding process. We recognize that we do not have all of the answers as we pursue this work. This work will continue to shift as the Fractured Atlas team changes. We ask that new team members join us as we continue to learn, practice, and grow in this work. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Fractured Atlas here.


  • Track and process payments of donations and grants made via check, wire transfer, stock, or ACH using Fractured Atlas’s custom financial software
  • Review and process requests for funds, including a variety of back-up expense documentation, and advise artist members on how to allocate for project expenses, as a part of the Fund Release process
  • Correspond with artist members and donors, and support the Programs team at large with their correspondence, to help facilitate the Fund Release process and in processing donations and grant funds received
  • Manage financial troubleshooting with the Programs team
  • Investigate donation and dues processing discrepancies and financial questions, and respond across departments and with member artists
  • Manage and interpret financial reporting for grant applications
  • Review and execute grant agreements in collaboration with fiscally sponsored projects
  • Manage the issuing and filing of 1099-Misc and 1042-S forms for fiscally sponsored projects
  • Submitting receipts and reports for monthly departmental credit card transactions
  • Support the back up collection for Fractured Atlas’s annual audit process
  • Communicate with third party financial institutions, including but not limited to Fractured Atlas’s 1099-Misc. tax filer and caging service
  • Collaborate with Fractured Atlas’s External Relations department to create financial-related educational materials for artists
  • Facilitate cross departmental communication between Fractured Atlas’s Programs and Finance Teams
  • Other duties as assigned to support the Programs team and our members.

This is a full-time exempt position. Salary is $70,130/year.

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Job Category: Accounting/Finance
Position Type: Full Time
Salary Range (annual): $50,000-$75,000
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