Request for Proposals for Website Design

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Request for Proposals for Website Design




PROJECT DESCRIPTION: G-PARC, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is in need of a website that provides the public and participants in the organization’s activities with information on G-PARC and its three Alliances for Parks, Arts and Recreation.

Key goals of the G-PARC website are to provide information, promote the organization’s projects and activities, accept donations, recruit members, subscribe participants or link to a site that will subscribe participants (i.e., Formsite), and to host project-specific pages that link to participating members’ websites or social media sites.

PRIMARY USE OF WEBSITE: Informative, Program Promotion, Event Calendar, Multimedia (audio, video pictures), Catalog (directory) of Program Members/ Participants, Members Only Section, Blogging.

DOMAIN NAME AND WEBSITE ADDRESS: G-PARC will establish and register a domain name and address.

LOGO AND PHOTOGRAPHS: G-PARC’s logo is in the upper right corner of this document and should be used on the website.  A high-definition file of the logo will be provided to the selected website designer. Each of G-PARC’s three Alliances will use a version of this logo.  Photographs will also be provided and stock photography may be used.

REQUESTED FEATURES: The G-PARC website will be maintained primarily by volunteers and should be easy to upload information to, edit and update.  The website should support the following functions:  

*Priority Functions

*WordPress or similar easy-to-use WYSIWYG/Drag-and-Drop Platform

*Social network integration

*Catalog of subscribers/members with search function

*Ability to embed video, music/audio

*E-Commerce capacity (donations, memberships)

*Embedded calendar (linked to Google calendar) with search function

*Responsive/mobile ready

*Contact Us form

*Register or link to a registration site for event sign up and RSVPs

*Share and add to my Calendar

Polling function (voting)

Newsletter/Email signup

Google Map integration

Chat feature


Image slideshow/photo carousel

Stationary photo gallery



Home page: The website’s home page to provide information on the organization (page 1)

Sub-Home pages: G-PARC’s 3 Alliances for Parks, Arts and Recreation to each have a sub-home page (pages 2-4).  Each of the 3 sub-home pages will have multiple associated pages.

Pages 1 – 4 will each be an “about page” and have contact information and links to other pages within the website, as well as links to other websites.

At least 1 sub-home page will have one or more catalogs of members/program participants associated with it.  Each catalog to include one “tile” per member with an image and link to that member’s website or social media.  Number of member tiles initially to be about 20 per catalog, but the website must have the capacity to add tiles as membership grows. See sample here:

The total number of pages in the initial website build should be no less than for 12 pages.

BUDGET: As a non-profit, G-PARC’s funds are limited.  The website designer who can meet most, if not all G-PARC’s website needs at the most affordable price will be selected.  Each designer may submit up to 3 design and price options.

CANCELLATION: GPARC retains the right to cancel this Request for Proposals at any time, and at its own discretion, may not select a vendor to provide this or any service.

PROPOSAL DUE DATE: Please submit your proposal by mail, email or in person.  All proposals should be received in person or by email on or before October 15, 2021 or postmarked no later than October 15, 2021 (note to applicants: the deadline has been extended).


Gaithersburg Parks, Arts and Recreation Corporation

506 South Frederick Avenue

Gaithersburg, MD 20877




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