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Strategic Planning Consultant






Strategic Planning Consultant

Proposals are to be received by March 30, 2023



The Washington Conservatory of Music (WCM) is soliciting proposals from consultants experienced in strategic planning to lead the Conservatory Board of Directors and staff through a strategic planning process for a three-year plan.

Specifically, WCM is seeking a consultant to provide the following services:

  • Work with a Strategic Planning Team, composed of Board Members, Stakeholders, and key management staff, to articulate a strategic plan for 2024-2027. The work of the plan may span a three-to-six-month period. This plan should identify specific fundraising, grantmaking, communication, and programming objectives for the organization to pursue over the next three years in pursuit of its mission.
  • Conduct a small scope internal and external survey to evaluate WCM success in achieving its goals outlined in its current strategic plan and conduct a general SWOT analysis of internal and external perceptions of the organization. 
  • Develop a timetable of implementation with specific measurable benchmarks, objectives and tasks to be accomplished to achieve goals. Identify clear, measurable outcomes for how to measure organizational and strategic effectiveness, impact, and success.
  • Establish a framework and process for the organization’s leadership to effectively implement the strategic plan and monitor progress toward achievement of goals and objectives.
  • Facilitate all meetings and provide leadership, direction and expert consultation and advice related to the development of an effective strategic plan, including successful implementation.
  • Deliverable should be a clear, easily consumed, strategic planning roadmap, accompanied by a strategic planning timeline, implementation and evaluation methodology.


WCM may identify a group of firms as finalists in the process. All firms will be notified of selection or non- selection as a finalist by May 15, 2023

WCM may invite finalists to participate in a follow-up conversation or interview, likely to be held the 3rd week of May. It is anticipated that the decision regarding the selection of a chosen firm will be confirmed no later than May 30, 2023 


Applicants will receive the following WCM materials:

  • FY22 Audit
  • 2023 general brochure, 
  • 2023 concert program, (incl. donor list) 
  • 2023 camp brochure
  • 2018-2024 Strategic Plan 



This RFP contains confidential information that is the property of WCM which is provided for the sole purpose of permitting the recipient to respond to the RFP. The recipient agrees to maintain such information in confidence and not to copy nor disclose this information to any person outside the group directly responsible for responding to its contents. The contents of this document may not be used for any purpose other than preparation of a response to this RFP.



WCM is committed to practices of equity, diversity and inclusion in music education. This commitment extends to identifying and doing business with diverse vendors including consultants.



Founded in 1984, WCM is one of 15 community music schools in the United States accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Pre-collegiate Arts Schools and is a member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education.

The Washington Conservatory of Music (WCM) is dedicated to fostering the joy of music and guiding students of all ages – children, teens and adults – to reach their own musical goals and potential. WCM offers individual lessons, group classes, and summer camps at our Glen Echo Park campus. 

At WCM, students may study without audition under the guidance of the Conservatory’s highly credentialed educators and performing artist faculty.  Individual lessons are offered on piano, jazz piano, guitar, all strings, brass and woodwinds instruments, drum set, percussion, voice, theory, and composition.  Group classes include voice, Irish music, guitar and ukulele, and early childhood music.

The Washington Conservatory is dedicated to giving back to the community by providing free concerts and free access to music education for children of immigrant and low-income families. In the past two decades, over 42,000 people have enjoyed WCM public professional concerts and events. Since 2017 over 1,000 children of underserved families have benefited from free outreach concerts and classes in their neighborhoods through the WCM Tapestry Music Project.  

WCM free concerts and free outreach classes and performances are supported by grants and voluntary donations accepted at our free public concerts.


Our Mission

Washington Conservatory of Music provides exceptional musical learning and listening experiences for our students and community.


Our Vision

A community inspired and informed by the experience of music.


Value Statement

The Washington Conservatory is dedicated to creating a vital, inclusive, expansive musical listening and learning environment, serving the musical needs of people of all ages and diverse ethnic racial, cultural and economic backgrounds in Montgomery County.  Through providing free music classes within communities of children of immigrant and low-income families of color, through presenting free concerts for people of all ages and income levels, and through the process of hiring outstanding musicians and dedicated educators to teach in-person and online music lessons, classes, ensembles, and camps, WCM is a transforming arts organization committed to reflecting the core values of gender and racial equality.



The applicant selected for this project will be expected to: guide WCM in establishing its Strategic Planning Team, conduct interviews and facilitate all working sessions with the Team and other key board and staff members, and perform an environmental scan and analysis of WCM. 

Based on the analysis, specific goals will be identified and, ultimately, the consultant will develop a final strategic plan that provides WCM with clear objectives and action steps that lead to achieving organizational goals. The strategic plan will also include information on effectively monitoring progress and how and when WCM should reassess goals, objectives and action steps to make sure that they are still relevant and reflect changes that may impact WCM’s ability to implement the plan and recommendations.

Specific areas that need to be addressed in the creation of a three-year strategic plan include but may not be limited to:

  • An environmental scan that examines internal and external opportunities and perceptions impacting the organization’s ability to achieve mission.
  • A thorough assessment of infrastructure needs including, but not limited to space, technology, human capital and financial resources
  • The development of a sustainable financial and programmatic model to achieve goals.

The proposal will provide an executive summary of the work that will be performed by the consultant and a detailed work breakdown structure, with time frames, of the steps that will be taken to develop a strategic plan.



  1. WCM seeks proposals from applicants for a comprehensive three-year strategic plan from 2024-2027
  2. Consultant will be responsible for completing all project work products and final deliverables (e.g., writing organizational assessments, writing the actual strategic plan, etc.). The staff will not be expected to be involved in writing work project products or final project deliverables.
  3. Applicants are to propose which aspects of the project will require Board and/or staff involvement and include the expected time requirements for all activities involving their participation.
  4. Proposals must include a clear description of the applicant’s plan to complete all of the project components (i.e. in what order will the projects be completed, how long each component will take to complete, etc.)
  5. Applicants must include in their project timelines, check-in points for WCM to be provided with project status updates. As work products/deliverables are completed prior to the established check-in points, applicants will be required to send WCM these materials to facilitate the status update meetings and/or conference calls. The successful applicant will be responsible for setting up the check-in meetings/calls, preparing an agenda for each meeting/call, sending out meeting invites and writing meeting minutes.
  6. In addition to the check-in meetings and/or conference calls, the applicant will be expected to present a status update on her/his preliminary findings and recommendations prior to writing the final project deliverables and strategic plan.
  7. WCM will be responsible for implementing the recommendations from all final deliverables; however, it is expected that the consultant selected will provide the agency with ongoing coaching and implementation support as needed, per letter of agreement.
  8. It is expected that the total cost for this project will not exceed $18,000.


Evaluation Criteria:

In awarding a contract for consulting services to develop a long-range strategic plan for the organization, WCM will examine several factors and criteria will include:

  1. The extent to which the proposal addresses the stated management issues and clearly describes the scope of work
  2. Specific plans or methodology to be used to perform the services
  3. Qualifications and experience of consultant in providing strategic planning development
  4. Availability for work to be conducted within the time frame of September, October, November, December 2023 with a strategic plan draft presented to the WCM board no later than Jan/Feb board meeting.
  5. Project cost is expected to be no more than $18,000



Please provide a complete written response to this RFP which is double-spaced and does not exceed 15 single-sided pages. Proposals should include:

  1. A brief Executive Summary
  2. A description of the applicant’s general approach to strategic planning consultation, including methodology, perspective, or philosophy that guides your work with organizations in this undertaking
  3. A clear explanation of how the consultant will address the management issues to be examined at WCM
  4. A list of project deliverables to be created with a detailed timeline for each deliverable and overall project completion
  5. A detailed budget that breaks out expenses
  6. Credentials and qualifications of key personnel who will take responsibility for working directly on this project, including three references
  7. Example(s) of a finished strategic plan created by your company.
  8. Include at least three (3) references for your firm. Include the organization name, the specific contact’s name, email address and phone number, and note the project(s) which you led for the organization.

Applicants must submit one electronic copy of the proposal. Please note that WCM will not return any proposals it receives and will not reimburse applicants for any costs they incur in developing their proposals.


Send completed proposals, by March 30, 2023 to:

Job Details (for job postings)

Job Category: Administrative
Position Type: -
Salary Range (annual): $10,000-$25,000
Experience: 5-10 Years
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree