Oct 04 2017
Nov 01 2017
Writing the Horror Story (Adults, 5 Weeks)

Writing the Horror Story (Adults, 5 Weeks)

Presented by The Writer's Center at The Writer's Center

The goal of this workshop is to generate fear and tension in your work, daring your readers to plunge forth into the darkness you create. In the first meeting three selected stories will be discussed, considering what scares us, what leaves us cold, and what inspires us to write. In so doing, we touch on the elements of horror, attending to suspense, character, violence, and fear. In the following meetings you’ll workshop your newly written or in-progress scary stories, returning to and building on the understanding of the genre as we go. With some luck and determination, participants will leave this workshop well on their way to a completed horror story.

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Phone: 301-654-8664

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2017/10/04 - 2017/11/01

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The Writer's Center

4508 Walsh St., Chevy Chase, MD 20815