Oct 10 2018
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra

Presented by Falun Dafa Association of Washington DC at Music Center at Strathmore

The New York-based Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra was formed in response to the many theatergoers who longed to hear the music of Shen Yun—the phenomenally successful dance production—in concert form. Since debuting at Carnegie Hall in 2012, it has performed to great acclaim worldwide. (www.shenyun.com/symphony/dc)


  • Original works from Shen Yun performances, inspired by 5,000 years of civilization
  • Masterfully blending the spirit of Chinese music with the power of a Western orchestra
  • Featuring award-winning bel canto singers, Chinese instrumental soloists, and selected Western classics


“Dazzling… Seamlessly fused Chinese and Western classical instrumentation.” —Boston Herald

“Shen Yun doesn’t come often enough.” —Kerry Stratton, conductor, Toronto Concert Orchestra

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra blends the spirit of Chinese music with the power of a Western orchestra. All-original compositions draw upon five millennia of culture and legends. Western strings, percussion, woodwinds, and brass accentuate the sound of ancient Chinese instruments—like the two-stringed erhuand the plucked pipa. Never before have the exquisite beauty of Chinese melodies and the grandeur of a Western symphony been so seamlessly combined.

Shen Yun’s all-original compositions feature the perfect harmony of classical music East and West. How is this done?

First, the Western orchestra serves as a foundation, accentuating the distinct sound of Chinese instruments. Second, the bedrock of soul-stirring melodies from the ancient Middle Kingdom is fully brought to life by a Western symphony. This is what makes Shen Yun’s music unique and is a new frontier in classical music.

Traditional Chinese music emphasizes the expression of inner feelings—the ancients always used musical instruments to relate their states of mind. Western music, meanwhile, focuses on the overall effect of the musical ensemble—and to achieve that, arrangement and harmony are of utmost importance. Shen Yun’s music combines these approaches to capture the essence of both East and West.

Admission Info

Music Center at Strathmore
5301 Tuckerman Lane, North Bethesda, MD 20852 Map

888-907-4697 (Local Presenter)

888-974-3698 (Shen Yun Ticketing)

301-581-5100 (Strathmore)

Phone: 888-974-3698

Dates & Times

2018/10/10 - 2018/10/10

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Music Center at Strathmore

5301 Tuckerman Lane, North Bethesda, MD 20852

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