Sep 12 2019
Altering the Future/Reshaping the Past Opening Rec...

Altering the Future/Reshaping the Past Opening Rec...

Presented by Takoma Park Arts at Takoma Park Community Center

What does the future hold and how does our past influence us? We are living in uncertain times fueled by fear and anxiety about the state of the world and our place in it.

In the “Altering the Future/Reshaping the Past” exhibition, four artists explore these concepts through different lenses, including Kristine DeNinno, Jeffrey Gangwisch, Christopher Kojzar, and Tara Youngborg.

As a printmaker and teaching artist, DeNinno is fascinated by the manipulation of two-dimensional surfaces to spark a dialogue in a three-dimensional space with myriad interpretations of her work.

Artists have depicted the human form for centuries through paint, bronze, and stone. Gangwisch offers a futuristic spin by manipulating digital photography through novel imaging techniques to reshape the human figure into fluid forms that both embrace and defy their underlying humanity.

Through somewhat secretive public performances, Kojzar explores the history of the flaneur, a French term for a “stroller” or “loiterer” who observes society with a critical eye. He updates that role as a black man who challenges stereotypes and the right to observe and be idle in public spaces.

Youngborg alters photos of places where she has lived or visited with computer programs that compress images, evoking the way our brain overwrites memories with new interpretations, thus reshaping our basic understanding of ourselves and influencing our future.

Featured Image: Detail of rf_gaz1 by Jeffrey Gangwisch


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Free Admission.

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2019/09/12 - 2019/09/12

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Light reception will be provided.

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Takoma Park Community Center

7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912