Carol Vogel

Award winning, classical still life and pet and people portrait painter,

I am known for myrealistic and expressive paintings.

Paintings that dance with energy, color, and form with a remembrance for the classical style of the old masters best describe my interest and painting style.  I especially enjoy painting portraits of people and pets and bringing their spirit to life on canvas.  A love of collecting vintage glass and ceramics inspire my still life paintings along with a passion for travel to international locations.  My still life paintings reflect a mood and feeling often with lush pattern backgrounds, vivid color, and unusual combination of supports and collectible items.

Humanitarianism combined with a love of people inspire my pastel, oil, and pencil portraits. There is a depth of beauty in every face that reflects an inner soul. Capturing the inner soul is an inborn ability for me that is reflected in my representational and expressive portrait paintings.

American University
Art League School of Alexandria, Va.
Schuler School of Fine Art


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