Adjunct, Music at Frederick Community College

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Adjunct, Music at Frederick Community College




The department is particularly interested in applicants within the disciplines of piano/collaborative piano, double reeds, French horn, flute ensemble, and low brass

Adjunct Job Description
Facilitate Student Learning:

  1. Facilitate student mastery of core learning outcomes using the most relevant and scholarly and artistic tools and practices available in the discipline.
  2. Actively engage students in critical thinking, meta-cognitive processes, and advancement of critical essential communication skills.
  3. Infuse multicultural and diverse perspectives into the instructional process as appropriate and conduct classes in a manner that demonstrates respect for individual and cultural differences.
  4. Model and cultivate open-minded inquiry, an appreciation for diverse perspectives, and creative problem-solving.
  5. Maintain currency in academic discipline and pedagogy.
  6. Submit syllabi and other instructional materials in a timely manner.
  7. Maintain regular communication with students and, when appropriate, use the Student Success Alert notification process.
  8. Assess student work in a timely manner and submit course grades by the posted deadline.
  9. Online course instructors will respond to student email inquiries within 24-36 hours.
  10. Use the FCC email account provided for them to communicate with the College, faculty, staff, and students. Share this information with their students.

Professional Development:

  1. Seek out current developments and information within discipline.
  2. Identify and implement, as appropriate, innovative pedagogical practices.
  3. Strive to understand and use technology as it applies to pedagogical standards of delivery within the discipline and as it is appropriate for the student population.
  4. Apply technology or other skills to tasks designated by the administration and professional development opportunities.

Other Expectations:

  1. Participate in New Adjunct Orientation, Adjunct Nights, and other professional training provided by the College for which adjunct faculty will be additionally compensated.
  2. Collect and submit required student learning outcomes (SLO) and general education assessment data for courses under review.
  3. Submit required employment documentation, including all official post-secondary transcripts, in a timely manner.
  4. Complete Title IX Sexual Misconduct, safety and security, and other required training.
  5. Communicate to students evacuation, lockdown, and other safety protocols during the first class session and repeat as necessary after the last add date.
  6. Teach both credit and non-credit (Cadence) students, which include a wide range of ages and ability levels.

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Job Details (for job postings)

Job Category: Education/Teaching
Position Type: Part Time
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