Producing Your Podcast

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Producing Your Podcast



Learn the production stage of producing podcasts.

About this event

Class Description: There are many aspects of production to consider when producing your podcast idea. These choices could affect the longevity and success of your podcast. In this class you will learn about the varied types of audio equipment available to you for podcasting and the many platforms for distribution.

This is a great class for you if:

    • You have developed a podcast idea but would like guidance regarding the many choices available for producing and distributing your podcast;
    • You are the technical director for a podcast production crew;
    • You have fully developed a podcast that you may have begun producing but want to learn ways to improve it.


*This course is required for MCM Members who are seeking certification in order to use MCM podcast studios to be a producer of podcasts. Those who seek podcast certification must take MCM orientation.

Location: Online, Live Instruction via Zoom

Requirements: Wifi and desktop computer access with the ability to download various production software onto computer to use during course. You may be asked to show your screen during the class and will be expected to have your camera on to be seen during the duration of the class.

Prerequisites: Familiarly with Zoom and student must be comfortable interacting with other students

Meeting Time: Tuesday October 18 at 6pm – 8pm

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