Senior Associate Artistic Director

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Senior Associate Artistic Director


Olney Theatre Center, an award-winning, four-stage, leading regional theater in the vibrant DC region, seeks an outstanding producer and artist to serve as its Senior Associate Artistic Director (SAAD). The SAAD serves as Olney Theatre Center’s second-in-command, partnering closely with Artistic Director Jason Loewith to ensure the company’s full range of artistic, production and education programs function efficiently, equitably, and with excellence. The SAAD serves on the theater’s senior and artistic staffs, and reports directly to the Artistic
Director. The SAAD is expected to exercise substantial leadership in the theatre’s artistic operations and to provide significant advocacy in the local and national theatre communities.

Until the opening of the Center’s new Education Wing, the SAAD also serves as the company’s interim Director of Education.

The ideal candidate is passionate about producing theater for the community, and is looking to lead a regional theater as their next career step. While professional directors are welcome to apply, a candidate primarily looking for directing opportunities will not be the optimal fit.


  • Investment in OTC’s Mission, Vision and Values, and its Statement on Social Justice and Becoming Anti-Racist.
  • A passion for producing: telling stories with and for the community, uniting artists around a common vision, motivating diverse constituencies behind a vision.
  • A desire to take initiative, not wait for direction: as lead line-producer for a season of productions, the SAAD must identify and address challenges before they become problems.
  • Long-term thinker, short-term problem solver: the ideal SAAD is thinking three seasons ahead while simultaneously addressing questions from yesterday’s design meeting.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.
  • Great collaborative skills to enable cross-departmental work.
  • Ability to self-direct and manage multiple projects and priorities.
  • Courageous in their convictions, respectful in their arguments, gracious with disagreements.
  • Excellent public speaker.
  • Excellent listening and mentorship skills.


  • Serve as line producer for all season productions
    • Serve as Artistic Director’s surrogate in design and production meetings, design run-throughs and some tech and/or previews.
    • In partnership with Director of Production, ensure season productions are properly resourced; maintain clear communication between Production Department and creative teams
    • Ensure artistic integrity of all productions from design meetings through dress rehearsals
  • Co-lead new-work development processes for the theater
    • Produce all Vanguard Arts Fund workshops, and scout other new works
    • Produce the annual Internal Showcase
    • Procure and evaluate (as time allows) scripts and other materials for consideration
  • Partner with the Artistic Director in season planning, play selection, budgeting, and any other artistic issues as necessary
    • Identify and meet with promising directors and designers, consider and recommend (and as appropriate, make) pitches to AD and maintain open communication with freelancers
    • Negotiate contracts for season directors, choreographers and music directors
    • Attend AEA and non-AEA productions locally and, when financially feasible, nationally to assess and scout talent in writing, directing, designing and performing
    • Assist Artistic Director in budgeting for season productions
    • Advise Artistic Director on season planning
    • Advise Artistic Director on production protocols
  • Work in close partnership with the Director of Curated Programs, the Director of Music Theatre and the Director of Community Engagement to ensure alignment with overall theater mission and vision, and support their programming as appropriate
  • Cultivate relationships with other theatre artists and theater institutions to further the
    artistic goals of Olney Theatre
  • Supervise all casting processes, and manage Casting Director(s) and Casting & Producing Fellow
  • Directly supervise the Artistic Apprentice


  • Run and administer Olney Theatre’s Advanced Training (apprentice) Program
    • Recruit and contract all apprentices
    • Responsible for the overall scope of training for all apprentices
    • Serve as lead mentor for all apprentices; work with direct supervisors and mentors to ensure quality apprentice experiences
    • Responsible for overall budgeting of the Educational Department
  • Program, staff and supervise summer youth camps and other classes as created/required
  • In partnership with Artistic Director, craft long-range education plans for new Education Wing, including new MFA partnership
  • Responsible for meeting the overall income and expense goals of the Educational Department as detailed in the annual budget
  • Support Community Engagement and Curated Programs department with educational initiatives as required
  • Supervise the post-show discussion program, including training discussion leaders, scheduling them and leading them on occasion


  • Participate in the leadership of Olney Theatre as a member of the senior staff, the artistic staff, and as the Artistic Director’s primary advisor
  • Support the outreach and advocacy efforts of the Artistic and Managing Directors by functioning as a forward-facing advocate for theatre arts and Olney Theatr
  • Actively participate in long-range planning
  • In partnership with the rest of the artistic staff, host gatherings for full staff or other community members to maintain transparent artistic conversations
  • Serve as primary artistic liaison for season productions to the Marketing and Advancement Departments
    • Critique and approve marketing collateral (press photos, video corollary and trailers, printed materials, etc.) once AD has approved seasonal strategy and graphics
    • Represent AD at Advancement events when he is not available
    • Represent theater for interviews and other marketing/press as required
    • Assist Advancement Department with narratives for fundraising


  • Experience:
    • Four-year college degree required, theater focus preferred. While an advanced degree will position the candidate favorably for the theater’s long-range plans, it
      is not required.
    • Minimum 3 years of theater producing or equivalent experience required
    • Personnel management experience
    • Experience with arts education including teaching and mentorship is strongly preferred.
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
    • Experience in leading teams and collaborating across departments strongly encouraged; exceptional interpersonal skills required; excellent public speaking, presentation and group leadership skills strongly encouraged.
  • Physical Requirements: Sit for extended periods of time (up to four hours), operate a computer keyboard for extended periods of time (up to four hours), ability to speak on the telephone for extended periods, ability to ambulate comfortably and with frequency.
  • Time Requirements: Full-time position (Monday – Friday), with some evening and weekend work requirements. Generous flextime and virtual work options available.
  • Travel: Local travel and out-of-town travel may be required and will be reimbursed.
  • Transportation: Due to Olney Theatre Center’s location, access to a motor vehicle is required.
  • COVID-19: OTC requires all full-time employees to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The SAAD, working closely with AEA companies, will also need to provide proof of a booster shot.

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Position Type: Full Time
Salary Range (annual): $50,000-$75,000
Experience: 2-5 Years
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree