Summer Music Program Manager at The MusicianShip

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Summer Music Program Manager at The MusicianShip




The Program Manager will be responsible for the operational success of a specified MusicianShip Program, ensuring seamless team management, team development, program delivery, and quality control. The Program Managers oversee the fulfillment of programs within respective entities (music or industry), meet the end-of-summer programming goal — Dianne’s Recital (student-led performance), coordinate activities between multiple projects within each program and give detailed attention to strategy, delegation, and implementation. The Program Manager is responsible for ensuring that all the team members work together and coordinate their efforts toward Dianne’s Recital.

The Program Manager will also: Work closely with the Recital Manager to provide assistance and support regarding daily activities centered around Dianne’s Recital theme and performance.

Open Program Manager Positions:

  • Music Industry Development Program Manager
  • Performance Program Manager

The Summer Program Manager performs a wide range of duties, including the following:


  • Assist instructors with curriculum, lesson planning, and day-to-day classroom activities when needed.
  • Schedule rehearsals leading up to Dianne’s Recital.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings with the Director of Programs, to further refine and review Program Plans and Student Evaluation Mechanisms
  • Schedule regularly scheduled meetings with Instructors, to further refine and review Program Plans and Student Evaluation Mechanisms
  • Implement student evaluations, by administering evaluations, collecting data, analyzing data, and furnishing outcomes in a format approved by the Director of Programs
  • Work alongside other Program Managers to trouble shoot operational needs and/or concerns, by meeting regularly and attending to the program’s operational needs


  • Enroll program participants, by distributing enrollment forms, collecting completed forms, and furnishing forms to the Site Coordinator or by facilitating online registration/enrollment
  • Collect weekly student attendance records, by gathering forms which should be submitted weekly by Instructors
  • Facilitate field trip student attendance, by developing, distributing, and collecting permission slips
  • Facilitate field trip logistics, by booking transportation and coordinating student meals
  • Ensure that personnel files for the program are properly maintained and kept confidential

*Key Stakeholders include funders, donors, the Deputy Executive Director, the Executive Director, and members of the Board of Directors


  • Monitor Instructor effectiveness, attendance, timeliness, and organization compliance, by conducting planned and unplanned site visits to partner sites
  • Ensure that Instructors are meeting the expectations of partner sites, by gathering regular feedback from on-site staff and relaying shortcomings and triumphs to the Director of Programs

Program Funding and Reporting

  • Identify and evaluate the risks associated with program activities and take appropriate action to control the risks, by critically observing, listening, and assessing the program environment
  • Identify and report issues, including but not limited to, those concerning Instructors, volunteers, partners, students, and families that are, or can potentially be, detrimental to the program’s success or the overall organization, by communicating with the Director of Programs

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Job Category: Administrative
Position Type: Part Time
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