Theatre Supervisor

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Theatre Supervisor



Job Summary

This position is responsible for performing difficult technical and responsible administrative work involved in the day-to-day management of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall, in addition to the shared responsibility of facility maintenance and supervision of the Civic Center complex. The incumbent provides customer care and service delivery, facility operations, policy and procedure review, program development, event and staff management, and long-range planning for the Theatre and Social Hall. The work requires a proactive approach when working with user groups and contractors and participating in various committees. The work is subject to functional policies and goals under general managerial direction from the Superintendent of Community Facilities. The position is housed within the Civic Center Complex cost center which is in the Department of Recreation and Parks. The Civic Center Complex cost center manages the following rental properties for the City of Rockville: F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre, Social Hall, Glenview Mansion, Cottage, Elwood Smith Community Center, Pump House Community Center, the community gardens program at Woottons Mill Park, and park pavilion rentals.

Essential Job Functions

  • Expertly execute the administrative, box office, production, theatrical, and technical responsibilities of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall.
  • Work in a fast-paced and changing environment, must be able to reprioritize work and initiatives, exhibit flexibility in the work environment, and complete work duties accurately and efficiently without regular managerial oversight.
  • Provide excellent customer service to user groups, clients, guests, vendors, and City of Rockville employees.
  • Understand how all aspects of properties managed by the Civic Center Complex function and support each other, in addition to how the cost center is governed within the broader Department of Recreation and Parks City of Rockville.
  • Work a varied schedule which includes early mornings, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays; provide on-call support to staff as needed.
  • Fulfills acting duties and manages all Civic Center Complex operations in the absence of the Superintendent of Community Facilities.
  • Hires, trains, and supervises staff at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall which includes volunteers, temporary staff, and full-time Theatre Production Specialist and full-time Box Office and Marketing Manager.
  • Plans, schedules, and assigns technical and administrative staff to ensure correct staffing requirements are met.
  • Processes and completes timecards, leave requests, and performance evaluations for part-time and full-time staff.
  • Serves as technical director and production manager in the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall for performances, rentals, and productions, in addition to various indoor and outdoor City of Rockville partnered or produced events and programs.
  • Designs, installs, and operates audio/sound and lighting support for clients, user groups, and City of Rockville departments and divisions in the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall and other City of Rockville properties.
  • Knowledge and ability to use a variety of production and technical equipment (lighting control consoles, sound mixing consoles, speakers, stage rigging, motorized lighting bar, etc.).
  • Provides technical assistance and maintenance to VisArts Rooftop as needed.
  • Must be able to manage the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall infrastructure and equipment inventory life cycle, replacement, work scope, product specifications, budgetary funding process, competitive bid/procurement process, contractor management, safety and risk oversight, and accounting processes.
  • Work closely with the Superintendent of Community Facilities to identify a variety of budgetary needs and projections for the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall and Civic Center Complex.
  • Assists with the management of Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects associated with the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall; monitors daily contractor progress; reviews safety and quality concerns; and relates status to the project team.
  • Develops and monitors risk management and safety program in Civic Center Complex within City of Rockville regulations; works closely with Department of Human Resources Safety & Risk Management supervisors.
  • Ability to manage and complete the building and installation of scenery and stage sets properly and safely; safely drive and load/unload a large 25-foot box truck.
  • Reviews and approves production and event requests for the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall events to ensure accuracy and feasibility with event schedule and custodial turnovers.
  • Completes and distributes program/event reports for all rentals, programs, and events.
  • Creates the long-term master calendar for F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall programs, events, and rentals.
  • Coordinates requests of user groups, caterers, and various vendors for the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall, including facilitating specific requests and requirements, production logistics, preliminary and final walk throughs of the facilities, technical support, and policy and procedure guidance.
  • Executes production, performance, and private event contracts and fee structures for user groups and clients, including rental fees, equipment, labor costs, box office ticketing fees, overtime fees, etc.; monitors other performance spaces for comparison of services and rates.
  • Works with the Civic Center Business Office to collect contract payments and close out completed contracts in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Comprehensively support to the legacy resident community performing arts organizations (RESCOs) and City of Rockville Summer Camps, Special Events, and Arts Program events and programs.
  • Serves as City of Rockville staff representative on various City of Rockville committees and commissions.
  • Ability to use and manage the box office software within the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall; ability to run and process various reports and transactions using various types of software systems.
  • Reviews and approves marketing/advertising materials and financial reports submitted by the Box Office and Marketing Manager; facilitates publicity for additional outreach to the community and promotes the Civic Center Complex and F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall for productions, performances, and private rentals.
  • Coordinates facility maintenance and custodial turnovers for the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre and Social Hall, makes regular facility and grounds inspections, and has the Parks and Facilities Division personnel or contractors take appropriate action as necessary.
  • Performs other assigned duties as required.


  • Bachelor’s degree in theatre, facilities management, or business, or closely related field from an accredited university or college plus seven (7) years of progressively responsible work in technical theatre management; or any equivalent combination of education and experience.


$71,366.00 – $117,753.00 Annually

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Job Category: Administrative
Position Type: Full Time
Salary Range (annual): -
Experience: 5-10 Years
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree