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  1. Helene’s talent as an artist, dedication to her craft and enthusiasm for life are truly an inspiration. These attributes are enhanced for those of us who know her by her kindness, generosity and sense of humor.


  2. Color, color, color!! My favorites are the colors of San Miguel and the gardens in Rowe.



  3. Of Helene’s many wonderful works my favorite is her picture of her own door in Rowe, symbolic for me of her unfailing friendship and her enormous intelligence.


  4. Helene’s keen eye, intelligence, sense of humor, and love of life imbue her art work. My husband and I are the fortunate recipients of many pieces of Helene’s art and we treasure them. We greatly miss Helene and Herb and our little town has dimmed without them.


  5. Helene’s painting is representative of her joy for life which I so greatly admire.


  6. Helene, my favourite older cousin introduced me to art at the age of 14. Sixty years later my first “Helene Glass” still hangs on my wall. Over time I have been fortunate to collect several more of Helene’s works. They continue to give me pleasure and receive frequent compliments from visitors.
    One of the highlights of any of my visits with Helene is to join her in her studio to view her

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