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  1. Hello Barry. I worked as an event planner for many years for the Freeman Company at Cabin John Mall, to perform at the Mall, coordinating school events for students. Now I have grandsons, age three and six, and would love to know if you could perform at their schools. The three year old attends Beth El preschool, and my six year old is in Kindergarten, at the Bethesda Elementary school. If you

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    • I remember my Cabin John Mall shows fondly. There was always a nice crowd there. I’ve also performed at Bethesda Elementary School and also Beth El, but it has been a while since I visited each location…all my contacts and connections there have long since moved on. I am available for programs at both the school and the pre-school and I would love to come back. Even better, I have grant

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    • Arlene, go to his website. He controls it and will respond to you personally to set things up.


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